“I know a place we can all be free

Where the drum and the bassline meet

You don’t need no money

Dance to the beat

There the drum and the bass

reggae in sty-le”

The bassline is the lead instrument in reggae music because it set’s the groove of the “riddim”, along with the drum representing — the heartbeat.

Play I some music, strictly reggae music!

Reggae reflects and speaks to the African Diaspora as a whole. At the very core of reggae, it’s intention is always to celebrate the global African and to communicate the experiences of the everyday lives and aspirations of African people.

Many themes tend to emerge from reggae music such as Black liberation, education and spirituality.

In my life as a reggae artist and in my personal life, the teachings of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, among others help to keep I grounded while seeking to become the best version of myself.

I put out positive energy into the universe so that I can motivate others to do similar. Being a reggae artist and a Rastafarian means to be true to yourself.  As a Rastaman I made a commitment to a natural way of living. For me, the Rastafarian lifestyle brings peace and meaning to life in a very intrinsic and transformative way. 

Being a reggae artist is only one aspect of my journey.  Leading a healthy lifestyle through a vegan diet is another. The energy that this diet gives me is extraordinary in itself. Preparing and cooking my meals with mostly organic ingredients and healing and sustaining the body with whole foods has made me stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. I would not trade it for any other lifestyle. 

Another aspect of my journey is exercising daily, running anywhere from the soft sand beaches of Jamaica to the gritty trails of the east coast or to the heated pavement of Miami. This connection to the earth and world around me makes exercise more exciting and fulfilling.

Strengthening my mind is important as well, so I love to read a good book  every now and then. Reading is fundamental to my lifelong journey, therefore I am always building a wealth of knowledge. 

The practice of doing what I was put on this earth to do through my passions is also a part of the Rastafarian way of life. On this journey, the ultimate challenge is self mastery and it is a journey that continues to be transformative, and empowering in many forms, whether it be through music, my personal life or my spiritual connection with the creator.

The Rasta lifestyle has the power to uplift the world. 

I am just glad to be apart of it. 

Thank you for your energy and for being present with me, as I’m “trodding the road” and thank you once again for supporting the music.


Ishmael I



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