Singer songwriter Ishmael Turner known professionally as "Ishmael I" grew up in Kingston Jamaica, in a small community called Waterhouse. Waterhouse, known largely as a soccer community and one of the first to produce reggae music along with Trench-Town. Ishmael spent most days hanging around artists such as his cousin a vocalist from a group called The Bible's and other local acts. Though violence erupted from time to time Ishmael was inclined to stay out of trouble through his aptitude and passion for reggae music. At the tender age of 9 Ishmael began to perform his own music, it was not long before he became the little “DJ Shanty Kid”, spinning vinyl records and showcasing his talent as a young vocalist toasting over Studio One riddims and quickly gained respect. Ishmael’s story and career starts from these simple moments in his life that impacted him as a young boy well into his professional career as an independent artist. He has always been drawn to the colorful, soulful, melodic offbeat rhythms that make up the genre of reggae music. As an artist and musician, Ishmael has brought joy and healing to the world through his talent. His instrument of choice, the acoustic guitar, matches his personality; soulful, organic and smooth. Along with strong vocals, Ishmael’s stage presence keeps his audience captivated. The music that this singer, lyricist and performer creates moves people into a groove like no other. Regarding the role that music plays in his life Ishmael says “Music has been my savior, my healer, my escape, and my joy.”


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